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Natural hemorrhoid treatments can save you money and help you heal quicker. They are also usually safer options than over the counter medication that can have side effects. Natural hemorrhoid treatments can be one of the easiest ways to find effective relief. 


Many of the natural treatments can be found right in your pantry. As with any treatment you need to proceed with a certain amount of caution.


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Horse Chestnut 


Horse Chestnut is a natural herb that has been shown to provide relief from hemorrhoids. It can be crushed and steeped into a tea, it is available in capsule form and you can even make a compress out of it. Horse Chestnut is used to improve circulation in people that have poor circulation. If you are already on blood thinners or you have any of bleeding disorders you should not take Horse Chestnut. 


Witch Hazel 


Witch Hazel can be used as a compress. Witch Hazel will provide you with immediate relief. You simply apply the Witch Hazel to a clean rag and apply it to the hemorrhoid. The Witch Hazel will help stop the itch and reduce the size of the hemorrhoid. Witch Hazel is a natural antiseptic and natural anti inflammatory. 


Change Your Diet 


Changing your diet will not provide you with immediate relief but it will certainly keep the hemorrhoids at bay. Eating a diet that is rich in fiber will greatly reduce the incidence of hemorrhoids. In many cases hemorrhoids are caused by straining with bowel movements, constipation and diarrhea. Fiber rich diets can help to regulate your bowel movements. Regular bowel movements will keep you free of hemorrhoids. 


Oak Bark 


You can prepare a warm bath using Oak Bark and sit in the bath. This will reduce the swelling and help to heal the hemorrhoids. Oak Bark can be found in health food stores and potentially in your back yard. There is not much information available about the hows and whys oak bark works but it does. 


Ice Pack 


Using an ice pack is not going to be comfortable but it will almost immediately reduce the swelling of the hemorrhoids. You can wrap the ice in a soft cloth and apply. A cold shower will also work. A cold bath will also work. 


You can treat your hemorrhoids without having to see a doctor or pay for expensive medications that may or may not work. You may have to play a game of hit or miss to find the treatment that will work best for you. 


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You do not have to suffer you can try the above treatments to find the relief you need in the privacy of your own home.