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DIY Hemorrhoid Treatments  


You can find relief for hemorrhoids right at home. There are steps that you can take to relieve your hemorrhoids at home that will likely cost you nothing. The list below is a good jumping off point if you are suffering from hemorrhoids. 


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Starting with the easiest treatment is always the best way. You want to use the easiest path to finding the cure. There are some very easy and effective treatment options. You can easily help yourself by taking some simple steps. 


Witch Hazel 


Witch Hazel is a quick fix for DIY hemorrhoid treatment. The process is simple enough. All you need is a sterile cotton balls and some witch hazel. Witch hazel is a natural antiseptic that can be purchased in most drug stores or discount stores. 


The cost is typically less than a dollar and it is readily available. Soak the cotton balls in Witch Hazel. Place the witch hazel soaked cotton balls directly on the hemorrhoid for instant relief. 


Aloe Vera 


Aloe Vera oil is the oil that comes out of the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant when the leaf is broken in two. The Aloe Vera oil is known to help relieve the pain of minor burns or skin irritations. You can soak a pad in Aloe Vera oil and apply it directly to the hemorrhoid for instant relief. 


Sitz Bath 


A sitz bath is a container that is sold in drug stores that warm fluid is added to so that you can sit in it. A sitz bath is placed in the toilet and filled with warm water so that a hemorrhoid suffer can relieve the itching and pain of the hemorrhoid. 


You can also use your bath tub and simply sit in warm water for relief. 




One of the best things you can do for long time relief is to change your diet. A diet that is rich in fiber will help you to have regular bowel movements that are firm but not difficult to pass. You can also exclude certain foods from your diet to help ease up on the discomfort of the hemorrhoids. Any foods contain capacin can be a potential problem. 


Spicy foods or foods that are typically “hot” like foods that have been doused with hot sauce. You also want to avoid dairy which can cause diarrhea in many people. 




There are plenty of creams and salves that you can purchase over the counter that also may help you find relief. There are also herbal supplements that you can take at home that may help to keep the hemorrhoids from returning. 


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Hemorrhoids are an uncomfortable condition, finding relief at home can be an easy fix.