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Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoid Ointment Review  


The Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoid Ointment Treatment review shows that this is an over the counter hemorrhoid treatment. It is actually based on traditional Chinese medicine. The ingredients are all natural and are proven to help heal hemorrhoids. 


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This is an ointment that is applied directly to the hemorrhoid. If the hemorrhoids are internal, there is a syringe that comes with the product that you can use to reach the internal hemorrhoids. The product professes to provide immediate relief. 


Does it Work?


There are many people that commented on this product with the majority claiming relief however many of the people that used this medication did  mention that initially the pain and burning increased. Most people also commented on the horrific smell that came from the ointment. 


The ingredients that are combined in this ointment do have somewhat of a foul smell so the odor is understandable. You might be able to avoid worrying about having other people notice the odor by using the ointment at night before bed and using something less odorous during the day. 


Here are some of the reviews I found on Amazon.com:


Negative comments first just to get them out of the way and so that you can see first hand what you may experience. “After reading all the positive reviews, I was hopeful this would help. Not true! I put it on before bed and it burned like crazy. It was so strong I felt my heart racing and couldn't sleep.” 


and one other from the nay sayers “OK - only read the positive reviews. Just tried it. The smell is bad but that's not the problem. It burns like crazy - had to rinse it off. Will be throwing the rest out. Try at your own risk, should have read the negative reviews first.” 


Now some positive comments which largely out numbered the negative comments two to one at Amazon.com “I am a long time suffer of hemorrhoids and have tried all the ointments/creams the pharmacy has to offer. For me the Mayinglong Musk cream really did the job. Immediately I felt the cooling and it worked better than all the others in relieving the pain associated with this issue. Give it a try!” 


I could go on and on with the positive quotes but you get the general idea most people found that this ointment helped! 




Hemorrhoid suffers will support the idea that paying any price for a treatment that works is about right. Luckily this treatment that has worked for so many people only costs $9.95 per tube. This ointment is probably a good bet if you are suffering from hemorrhoids, keep in mind that it will initially cause some burning and might smell a bit but overall it seems to be a pretty good deal.   


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Overall, the Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoid Ointment Treatment review shows that this is a legit product and is not a scam.